Experiential Learning

Escape the ordinary – Take a fun, memorable journey to fulfilling relationships

People retain 80% of what they DO in contrast to 20% of what they hear, and 50% of what they see. Research supports that what people discover for themselves provides the most lasting change. We offer dynamic activities that include equine assisted learning (EAL), dance, and other hands-on exercises that engage the mind and senses. Each activity is designed to simulate life’s situations that individuals, couples, and families face.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

Influencing horse behavior is similar to learning how to build effective human relationships. It takes patience, setting boundaries, communication, and teamwork. Horses are social animals and mirror many of the attributes of human relationships. People tell us that the horses remind them of family members, friends, and co-workers. In order to motivate the horses to change their behavior, people may need to change how they interact in the arena. These discoveries and changes can be applied to relationships in their lives.

Activities focus on an objective to accomplish with the horse(s), including rules and guidelines. All activities are on the ground (no riding), and no previous horse experience is necessary. The emphasis is not on horsemanship, but for people to find solutions that work best for them. One horse professional and one Master’s level counselor is present at each activity to facilitate and for the safety of two and four legged participants. Time is reserved at the end of each activity to discuss what happened.

Interacting with horses helps you:

  • Find personal and relationship strengths
  • Communicate and relate in new ways
  • See yourself and your relationships through new eyes
  • Experience new skills and strategies
  • Build teamwork and a sense of community


Dancing as a team inspires:
When to lead and when to follow
Effective communication
Forgiveness, cooperation, and respect
Joy of a shared activity

The focus of our activities is not on perfect form and step, and no previous dance experience is necessary. Our program originates from our dance school named Just 4 Fun Dance. As the name suggests, for seven years we focused on teaching a way to have fun with your dance partner and get out on the dance floor. We discovered that couples improved communication and relationships in the process. Several couples became engaged and we were DJ’s at a couple of their weddings.

Marriage Teambuilding activities teach the basics of steps and frame with a twist. The emphasis is not on perfect routines, but on the process of learning how to dance together as a team. Healthy relationship fundamentals such as forgiveness, commitment, cooperation and effective communication are encouraged and explored.