Horses Teach Students Teambuilding Skills

Young People Prepare for Challenging Mission Trip

On May 4th 2013, fun Horse activities provided opportunities for students and leaders to practice and learn new skills for their summer mission trip. Students told us that they discovered:

“Every person is important. you may not reach the goal, but together everyone can.” Kim, 15

Sometimes I need to take the lead and step out, and sometimes I need to step back and assist.” Ann, 17

I had to find a different perspective when what I wanted to do had no success.” Gary, 15

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Relationship is Everything!

You need to demonstrate and take the lead ..and make the other person comfortable in order to help them ‘take the leap.’- Ann, 17

” You need to get to know and study the person.” Rob, 17

” These are very good activities to help me in my job as well. I feel I need to build a relationship first in every situation.” Blair, 16

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Communicate Clearly

“Think ahead, have patience, figure out what we’re trying to do, then go for it.” Mary, 16

“Words, body language, and actions are important.” Robin, 15

“Listen more than talk. Know what I’m talking about” Blair, 16

“Even though I am a quiet person, I need to appear and act confident in order to make an impact.” Lynn, 17