How do individual & group sessions differ?

It gets me off the couch and into life.”
– A recovering substance abuser

Healing Strides offers confidential EAP sessions specifically designed for individual clients, their families, members of clients’ support teams, & to small work groups as appropriate. Additionally, Healing Strides can offer ½ day workshops and small group sessions and programs on request.

EAP sessions (similar to ropes courses) are experiential, problem-solving tasks designed to stretch the mind in new directions. They place clients in a new (but physically and emotionally safe) setting – with horses – to learn and practice new strategies to solve life’s problems. EAP does not focus on riding or horsemanship.  In fact, 90% of EAP takes place entirely on the ground.

Healing Strides EAP sessions are offered at private equestrian facilities at Colorado front-range locations within driving distance from the client. Sessions are scheduled at times that are most convenient to the client while providing best efforts to safeguard confidentiality of the client and the session.

During each session, clients will “think outside the box” to develop creative solutions and apply skills in verbal and nonverbal communication, problem solving, assertiveness, creative thinking, leadership, taking responsibility, teamwork, relationships, confidence, and improving attitude.

Group sessions

In addition to individual sessions, Healing Strides offers small group sessions, ½ day workshops, and team-building programs upon request. These sessions are a similar format to individual client sessions and are quite effective for:
• Divorce recovery for adults
• Kids and families with grief/loss/divorce
• Domestic abuse survivors group
• PTSD/trauma survivors group
• Eating disorder/addictive behavior group
• Couples improving their marriage group
• Blended families
• Company productivity/teamwork/morale

Please contact Healing Strides for more information on group sessions or workshops.

Payment for services for private parties is based on a sliding scale of ability to pay. Any payment is requested at the time of your appointment. We are happy, when asked, to provide a receipt at the time of your session that you may use to submit for insurance reimbursement.