Healing Strides believes in serving our community. Through our programs, many men, women and children from area charitable institutions have received free or low-cost equine assisted counseling sessions at the ranch. This is possible due to contributions, donated time, and the generosity of private donors, sponsors and partners.

Experiential Learning — an escape from the ordinary

Our powerful, creative programs blend a variety of hands-on exercises that get you out of your seat and away to discover your strengths and improve your relationships. You may be dancing with your spouse, creating a family tradition, or whispering to a co-worker or horse.

Why it is so effective

Research supports that what people discover for themselves provides the most lasting change. Whether you are on the dance floor, practicing communication tools and techniques at a workshop, or in the arena with horses, you will be actively discovering ways to improve your relationships.

Confident Kids

Homes broken by domestic violence affect more than mothers and fathers. The Kids need more than a safe home and a public school. Healing Strides provides programs “On the Ranch” and “In the City” that begin with boundaries and safety and progress with therapeutic opportunities to be kids, again, in an environment that allows them to open up to their own path to confidence and stronger relationships.

For nearly two years, children from an area domestic violence shelter visited the ranch. These children were transformed from fearful kids with few boundaries to confident youngsters who can take the lessons they learn from the corral into situations they face in everyday life. One eight year old girl remarked during her visit to the ranch that, “this is the best day of my life!”

Road to Recovery

Men and women struggling with substance abuse and other issues from Denver Rescue Mission and from Providence Homes have enjoyed the fresh air and therapeutic effects of interacting with horses. One man decided to continue his treatment program largely because of insight he received from a powerful EAP session.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) adds the horse as an additional therapist and social animal that mirrors qualities needed to build and maintain healthy relationships. Regaining trust in others is often difficult for these residents. Learning how to recognize and build trust with a powerful animal provides a bridge to regaining trust in human relationships for them.

Horses are non-judgmental and can be excellent therapists. Clients report that they do not feel as scrutinized in the arena as they do on the couch. They are more focused on building skills for more fulfilling lives and relationships. The therapy team consists of a counselor, horse professional, and one or more horses. Fun, challenging exercises improve communication, confidence, teamwork, and relationship skills.

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Individuals

Marriage Team Building

A strong marriage is similar to a winning team. When team members practice together and are victorious, they all win. Couples recapture fun and friendship, and discover their strengths, improved communication, strategies for handling challenges, and new activities to enjoy together.

  • Workshops
  • Classes


Other Programs

Just for Fun – Dance!

Even during the most stressful times, every one of us needs to take time out for fun. Whether you are preparing for a wedding reception, wanting to learn the traditional favorites, refreshing your steps, or looking for a fun activity to share with friends, these classes are for you. No previous dance experience is needed for our introductory classes. Intermediate classes are also available. Dance once a week for 4 weeks. We offer Social dance introduction (Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha, and Foxtrot), Country Western introduction (Two-Step, Waltz, Swing, and Specialty line dances), line dancing, and intermediate classes in specific dances styles such as; Waltz, Nightclub-2, Cowboy cha cha, W Coast, E coast, and traditional Swing. The common denominator is the emphasis on capturing the joy of dancing together.

Team Building for other relationships

Influencing horse behavior is similar to learning how to build effective human relationships. It takes patience, setting boundaries, communication, and teamwork. Horses are social animals and mirror many of the attributes of human relationships. Clients tell us that the horses remind them of people at home and at the office. In order to motivate the horses to change their behavior, clients may need to change how they interact in the arena, and then apply these discoveries to relationships in their lives.

  • Corporate
  • Non-Profit
  • Church groups
  • Youth groups
  • School groups