From the Children

Sarah, 10 described time at the ranch as, “freedom – something she could have that was her own and completely away from everything. She hoped it would not be taken away.”

Debby talks a lot about her horse therapy and I hope that she can continue with something positive and consistent, since she doesn’t have much of that in her life.”- Ann, counselor

They display more teamwork and sharing”- teachers

” The kids do not have the dynamic of working with living things very often. “When walking the horses, the children realize that they have some control over their lives and have control of options.”  – Dawn, staff at shelter

Sally has learned what safe boundaries are and how to react in scary situations.  She doesn’t trust just anyone anymore, which was a problem in the past.” –Sue, Counselor

“Jane has learned to communicate her feelings to her horse as well as to others and is not running from problems as much.  She is also learning to trust and be honest in situations.”– Jill, staff

“I can decide how I wants to react even when I cannot control what other people do. . I know that having different opinions can be okay, and I don’t need to copy people-I can think for myself” – Susie, 10

“Kids and moms have really enjoyed Eap and reported that they have felt extremely safe with all instructors and horses. several specific kids have really made connections with the horses in a way that is rare for them.”- Jenny- Staff at domestic abuse shelter

Teens say:

” Building a relationship with a horse is like making friends. You have to find out what they like and do that with them.”  Sarah, 16

“We had to work together to accomplish a goal, and each person’s part was equally important.” – Bill, 17

” Relationships are hard work- with people and horses.” – Alice, 15

“Dancing with a partner is communication and watching out so you don’t run into other people.” Dan, 14

Couples tell us:

It gets you out of the house and is good for your relationship- Laura

There was some tenseness in our marriage and dance class helped our relationship.- Jane, wife

When there are issues, they affect all areas. Dance helped encourage a healthy physical bond. Jan, wife

I learned I could relax and did not have to lead- Lisa, wife

We learned about compromise, I would say what next step was, and  my partner could decide when to lead  the next step -Darla, wife

” I admire the vulnerability in the leaders.”- Mary, wife


I liked grasping the concept of needing to take time to step away from problems to clear our heads and reevaluate the situation. Sometimes we get so consumed with an issue we can’t think or see anything else- Jessica, Intern

I love the variety of activities and the creativity that is involved with working with horses. Jim, intern

Working with the horse took an understanding of the horse and  relationship building- Dale, recovering alcoholic

Working with each other was a must. With the saddle exercise, it really showed how each of us had a different idea of how things should be done.- Andy, shelter resident

Its an excellent program and definitely shows skills with communication and how to build them.- Tom, shelter resident

I learned to be gentle and not demanding- Paul, intern

Sometimes its better to be quiet and let others learn- Paul, intern

Learned how to express myself better and to control what I can and not worry about what I can’t- Al, shelter resident

 Learned how to guide a horse and to make him trust me, and how to have patience with animals as well as with humans- Tom, shelter resident

About program: Great for teambuilding and pushing personal comforts and limits – Will, intern

Working with the animals taught me how to approach people- Sam, Shelter resident